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  • Fret Not - Even though there is a lot to fret about these days, King David tells us not to do that. He says, “fret not because of evildoers” (Psa. 37:1). Good advice, but then what does he know about the unending lies and corruption in the leadership of our country; what does he know about the threats… Continue reading Fret Not
  • The View From the Mount of Olives – Study #3 - (Jesus’ Great Prophetic Sermon) Jesus let His disciples know that the first half of the coming period of Tribulation would hit the world hard, but Israel would not be affected like others would be. He said, “you (Israel) will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars, see that you are not frightened, for those… Continue reading The View From the Mount of Olives – Study #3
  • The View from the Mount of Olives - What is God’s primary purpose for the 7-year tribulation period? This message by Dr. Benware provides an overview of the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 and 25. Understanding Jesus’ Prophetic Sermon Jesus’ Prophetic Discourse