The Bible’s View of the Coming Globalism

We live in a very divided country, with some promoting globalism, while others are focused on American nationalism. Globalists, often led by people with political power and/or incredible wealth, do not like people who promote the greatness of America. Nationalists resist the idea of a new world order. Globalists push for a new world order. They often use socialist/communist ideas as they work towards a one-world structure. In their view equality, peace and prosperity for all can be reached only if the world would rid itself of the focus on individual nations. Authority needs to centered in one place. But as believers, we need to remember that nations were God’s idea and were established for mankind’s benefit (Genesis 11). We can be pretty sure, therefore, of the real origin of this alternate idea; another doctrine of demons. 

Those “Progressives” (“regressive” might be a better designation) push for a centralized world government, understanding that nationalism needs to be dealt with and diminished. So, if you are wondering why we have people in places of authority who appear to be bent on diminishing the United States, it is because they want to lessen its power and position; something which is necessary for a “new world order.” Their unrighteous policies and purposeful attacks on God’s standards of morality, family and life itself should be resisted. That we need to do. However, having done what we can, we need to remember that globalism will eventually win out because the scriptures say so. There are actually two different forms of globalism coming according to the Bible. The first one is Satan’s one world order, and the second is the one world government headed up by Jesus, the King of kings and Lord of lords.


The first form of globalism that will come is the one created by the Devil and his minions; demons and evil people. The Scriptures set forth a number of key points about this coming control of the world by Satan and his forces.

  1. Satan is the “god of this world” who has power over the nations of the world.  

The Apostle John clearly declared that “the whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19). And Satan, in his temptations of the Lord Jesus, offered to give Jesus the kingdoms of the world in exchange for bowing down to him (Luke 4:5-7). It should be noted that Jesus did not bow down, but did not deny that Satan had such authority. It is, therefore, clear that the Devil is going to be the force behind the future globalism, through which he plans to be worshipped and exalted. So, this is a matter of major concern to the Devil. It is the direction he passionately desires the world to go. And he has many with power and money who are on board with his goal.

  1. Satan’s future globalization is centered in a man. Most people, who have some knowledge of the Bible, know about the Antichrist. Satan gives to him great power and authority which will extend to every people group and nation (Rev. 13:7). For the first time ever, a man will actually be a dictator of the whole world. This, of course, means he will do what Jesus did not do, and that is worship Satan. And Antichrist will have another individual (named the False Prophet) who will exercise religious and economic authority (under the Antichrist) over the whole earth (Rev. 13:14). The emphasis of scripture is on the whole earth being dominated by these.
  2. There are stages in this Satanic globalization.  While there can be interpretive differences at this point, normal, grammatical interpretation appears to lead to the following understanding. The Antichrist will become the ruler of one western nation. As the ruler of this one nation, he will militarily defeat three other western nations. As Daniel 7:8 and 24 foretell, he will “subdue” them by force. Apparently, seven other nations simply submit to Antichrist (Rev. 17:17). So, Antichrist now heads up an eleven-nation western empire. This takes place in the first half of the seven-year period of the Tribulation. Antichrist is declared to be a “man of war” because he is very skilled at warfare (Dan. 11:41-45; Matt. 24:6; Rev. 6:4). Then, at the mid-point of the Tribulation several game-changing events take place and he is catapulted into his role as world ruler (under Satan). Revelation declares that “the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast (Antichrist)”, and “authority to act for forty-two months (second half of the Tribulation) was given to him” and he was given “authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation” (13:3, 5, 7). This second half of the Tribulation will be the closest Satan ever gets to his goal of being like God and worshipped. And, though many have desired it, this will be the closest any man ever gets to be dictator of the entire world.
  3. This move towards globalization will not go smoothly because of the inherent sinful and rebellious nature of man.  The delusional socialists of our day believe in the inherent goodness of man. They think that man is good at his core, but is corrupted by society, capitalists, injustices, racism and other things. But man is not good. He is sinful and born that way. This reality will be manifested in the seemingly constant conflicts and resistance to the Antichrist (and Satan) in his rise to power (Matt. 24:7). Antichrist is constantly at war. And even as the Tribulation draws to its end, “the kings of the whole world” rally to war in the campaign of Armageddon (Rev. 14:19; 16:14). While it is true that they all unite against Christ when the “sign of the Son of Man” appears in the heavens (Matt. 24:30), it is highly unlikely that they originally came with their armed forces to do battle with the Lord Jesus (They would have had no clue that He was coming very shortly). More probable is that their sinful, rebellious nature propelled them into the “winepress of the wrath of God” to unseat the Antichrist. It appears that the future globalization of the Evil One will be an ongoing struggle and not some utopia. Universal peace, prosperity and bliss can never happen because of the evil, sinful nature of mankind. This is a point lost on today’s globalists.


As would be expected, God’s future globalization is in stark contrast to what the counterfeiter Satan will produce. There are several basic truths about this.

  1. God’s future globalization is centered in the God-Man, Christ Jesus.  The Bible is clear that the Lord Jesus is the One who will fulfill the great covenants of the Old Testament. As the long-awaited Messiah, Jesus will rule on a refurbished earth for one thousand years (Rev. 20:1-10). People of the Book have longingly looked ahead to this time and to His coming. He is the focus of this coming age. God, on oath, has declared that this will take place (Ps. 89:3-4, 27-37), and in fact, God the Father has already established Messiah’s rule on Mt. Zion (Ps. 2:6).
  2. There are no stages in God’s globalization. It will come suddenly, dramatically and powerfully as Jesus returns to earth in power and great glory (Rev. 19:11-21). It is at His Second Coming that He sits on His throne and rules in His kingdom (Matt. 25:31). At that time, all living unbelievers will be judged and sent to Hades, which means that on Day #1 of His messianic kingdom, there are only believers on the earth. All the earth and all the nations of the earth are declared to be the “inheritance” of Messiah Jesus (Ps. 2:8). Daniel 7:14 adds that “to Him was given dominion, glory and a kingdom, that all the peoples, nations and men of every language might serve Him.” Hebrews 2:5 teaches that God the Father has given ruling authority, not to angels, but to the Son who will rule over the “inhabited earth” (that is, Jesus’ rule is not in heaven but on the earth where people live). Jesus Messiah ruling over all the nations is God’s idea of globalization.
  3. This move into globalization will go smoothly. The prophets are abundantly clear that righteousness is what will characterize the kingdom of Messiah (Isa. 11:4-5). The world will live according to God’s righteous standards. There will be no challenging of Christ’s righteous rule. Those born in the kingdom age will still have a sin nature and should they externally sin and rebel, they will experience immediate judgment. Psalm 2:9 states that He will “rule with a rod of iron.”  The “rod of iron” is found in the book of Revelation (2:26, 27; 12:5; 19:15). There will be no outward sinning and challenging of King Jesus. There is zero toleration for rebellion and blasphemy by criminals. (Won’t that be a refreshing change!)

The Bible is quite clear on the issue of globalization. Evil globalization will come first, and will briefly flourish, and then be swept away forever by the grand and glorious globalization of the Almighty One. This is the future.

Satan has always counterfeited God’s perfect plans and ideas. Undoubtedly, the Evil One’s idea of globalization is stolen from what will be true when the Lord Jesus Christ reigns over all the earth. His will be a magnificent kingdom, which will be characterized by peace, joy, meaningful, abundant living. This is our future, thanks to the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross.