SEX in DC, LA and ETC

During these past weeks, it is hard not to notice the flurry of intense activity in the news, on the internet and other places dealing with the matter of sexual misconduct among the rich and powerful. Daily, it seems, more and more revelations come out about the sexual misdeeds of many powerful individuals.  Men and women, apparently against their wills, were subjected to some pretty debasing behaviors from others with money, power and influence. People were abused, violated and humiliated by those who were predators, whose only purpose was to satisfy their raging lusts. And then, there are those who seek many sexual experiences trying to bring some sort of excitement and satisfaction to their lives. In various places and ways, there are those who advertise their sexual prowess. I saw recently where one woman claims to have had over 1,000 men with whom she had sex; apparently, we are to be impressed with this. But, while our response might be that of interest, disgust or something else, the real issue is not being talked about.

The real issue has to do with sex, as designed by the good Creator God. Sex is a good thing given to mankind by God Himself.  It was to be an uplifting and enjoyable part of human experience.  God designed it, approved it and encouraged it…among those who are married.  Only in the marriage relationship does sex have its good and proper place.  Sex was designed to be the capstone of a love relationship.  Undergirding it was to be the friendship and commitment of a man and woman, and further it was to be supported by two people doing what is best for the other person. This is the opposite of the “playboy” philosophy where sex is the foundation for the relationship and where “my needs” reign supreme over everything else. But the “playboy” approach is 180 degrees from its designed purpose, and constitutes the basic reason why “affairs” just don’t last. Affairs are self-centered to the core.

Sex was designed to be enjoyable.  If sexual activity was not pleasurable, it is doubtful we humans would be particularly interested.  But it is.  What is terribly sad is that so many engage in sexual relations apart from God’s grand design for it, with the result that (while they certainly have some temporary times of excitement) they never really experience the fullness of what God created for them.  And they eventually discover that sex outside of a healthy marriage relationship is subject to the law of diminishing results. More and more sexual partners does not bring greater pleasure. One more sexual conquest will not do it. And this lack of fulfillment is what often leads many to more perverted sexual activities.  These folks long for more but will never experience that apart from God’s design.  Scriptural portions like Genesis 1:27-28, the Song of Solomon and Proverbs 5:15-23 elevate our human sexuality to the place that God Himself gave it. Kinsey, Hefner, Freud, Hollywood and the late night talk show hosts have turned from God’s revelation on this matter, and once again fall into the condition of “professing themselves to be wise they became fools.”