Daniel: God’s Man with God’s Message



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Certainly the book of Daniel is one of the key OT prophetic books and it provides an important basis for studying the NT book of Revelation. This book is a verse by verse commentary which approaches the book from a premillennial perspective. The book not only provides key prophetic insights but also gives the reader spiritual insights that come through this most uniquely godly man, Daniel. Three times in the book, God refers to Daniel as one who is very special to him. Most believers want to know what it is that makes a believer special to God and the record of his personal life is indeed instructive. The book is designed to assist the believer in seeing the great prophetic truths as well as important spiritual lessons. Each chapter concludes with six questions for discussion which have proved helpful in home Bible studios and small group studies.

Paperback: 310 Pages
Publisher: Dispensational Publishing House, Inc.
First Edition, First Printing 2018
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-945774-22-5


“The Old Testament book of Daniel is crucial for anyone desiring to understand God’s revelation about the future. Dr. Benware provides a straightforward exegesis of Daniel. Without being preoccupied with critical issues, as is common in our day, Dr. Benware tastefully deals with such issues, but his focus is upon what the biblical test says, not what the critics conjuecture. Many of the interpretative conclusions are summarized with helpful graphics and charts throughout the book.”

– Dr. Thomas Ice, Associate Professor of Theology at Liberty University and Executive Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center

“Dr. Paul Benware has done an outstanding service in writing this commentary for those who love the subject of the return of the Lord. The volume brings the student of the Word of God up to speed on reviewing what has always been clear about the book, but too, in bring to light important new thoughts that help us undertand developments that are moving us toward the final days of world history.”

– Dr. Mal Couch, General Editor, Scofield Ministries

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