Are We There Yet




Christians who are looking for the return of the Lord Jesus to the earth will often ask: “are these the end times”; “are we there yet”; “will Jesus be coming soon”? The answers given by many will note certain events that have taken place, or the new alignment of key nations, or even changes in economic and geopolitical factors. And some of these may well be part of the stage that is being set for the final days of human history. But the clear answer to these questions is found in one word: ISRAEL. It is the restoration of Israel that is God’s powerful, unmistakeable sign of where we are. A number of prophets and apostles deal with the restoration of Israel, but none is as detailed and complete as God’s prophet Ezekiel. This two CD study (one hour per CD) takes a close look at Ezekiel 34-39 where the dual restoration of Israel is the key to understanding where the world is in relation to Christ’s return.