Preparing Israel for the End Times

It does seem that the Middle East is in constant turmoil and that the threats against Israel are ever present and growing. Yet, in spite of these realities, Israel seems supremely confident outwardly that they can handle anything that comes their way. But with the growing presence and power of Iran on Israel’s northern border, the daily attempts by terrorists to enter Israel from all directions and the continuing hostilities coming from the southern Gaza strip (and the presence of ISIS in the Sinai), the nation is being stretched both militarily and emotionally.  Added to this, is the ongoing instability in the government of Israel where the forming of a government seems next to impossible. One Israeli politician recently noted that, in spite of assurances by the government, this governmental gridlock is in fact weakening the nation.

With all these considerations in mind, we shift our attention to Daniel 9:27 where the prophet of old was told by the angel Gabriel that in the end times Israel would enter into a covenantal agreement with a powerful world leader from the west (old Roman Empire, Daniel 7), which would be to guarantee Israel’s safety and security. This would initially be a 7 year agreement. What we observe is that things are going to change within Israel which causes the nation to see that their military strikes and their bravado is not enough and will agree to help from a foreign power. They apparently conclude that their powerful military is not sufficient to deal with the situations that they face. They make an agreement with the man who is commonly called the Antichrist.  Since Israel spiritually, at this point in time, is not a believing nation, this agreement with such a person (however religious he might be or not) is not an issue. They enter into this covenantal agreement because they sense a need for doing so.

All the pieces may not be exactly in place at the moment, but all the pieces are lying on the table and can be quickly inserted.  It does appear that the direction is clearly towards the setting of end time events. God’s timing is always perfect; as He is never too early and never too late. “In the fullness of time” these events of the end times will unfold. The “season” does seem to be here, and this is another reminder that we should number our days and maximize the opportunities in our lives to serve the coming King Jesus.

God’s dealings with His people Israel has always been the key to understanding His activities in the world, and today it is no different.