Understanding the Old Testament

These 13 studies taught by Dr. Paul Benware will give you a better understanding of the 39 Old Testament books of the Bible.

Under each video is an audio player ribbon where you have the option of playing or downloading the audio portion of each session. The method used to download the audio depends on your browser.

Study #1

Returning to Eden. The blueprint for understanding the Bible.

Study #2

The four major events of early earth history.

Study #3

The covenant with Abraham. The glue that holds the Bible together.

Study #4

Forming the nation of Israel.

Study #5

A nation is born and the failed theocracy.

Study #6

The tumultuous transition from theocracy to monarchy.

Study #7

Israel’s first kings, the bad and the good.

Study #8

A Nation Divided

Study #9

The Divided Kingdom – The North

Study #10

The Divided Kingdom – The South

Study #11

Captivity and Restoration of Israel

Study #12

The returns under Ezra and Nehemiah

Study #13

A peek at the poets and the prophets