Individual Studies

  • A Crumbling Culture: Cause and Consequences

    How close is America to a spiritual and moral collapse? Can the church stop the rapid deterioration of our culture? In this study, the Apostle Paul gives a powerful and profound principle that is present in the life of every individual and every culture. This section gives us valuable insights in vaulting our own personal……

  • Biblical Eschatology

    A PDF version of the presentation slides are available for download below.

  • Other Prophecy Messages

    The Judgement Seat of Christ. The Significance of Biblical Prophecy

  • Parables of Jesus

    Responding to the Word of God – the parable of the seed and the soils. The Good Samaritan – the practice of love. Jesus preaches on the principles of prayer. Jesus’ Meditation on the matter of money. My Two Sons – the story of a father’s love. Forgiveness.

  • Spiritual Gifts

    One emphasis of this series in Acts is on the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers today. Each and every believer is anointed by the Spirit at the moment of regeneration. Part of our being set apart as “believer-priests” is our service for Christ within the Body of Christ. Each has……