New Testament Messages

  • A Brief Study of II Peter

    In the first of these two messages, A Drone’s Perspective of 2 Peter, Dr. Benware presents an overview of 2 Peter focusing on the importance of having the truth of God in our lives as well as maintaining a two-world-view. In the second message, The Enemy Within, Dr. Benware focuses specifically on 2 Peter 2……

  • Future Payday for the Followers of Jesus Christ

    Will all believers be rewarded equally? Dr. Benware discusses the rewards given at the Judgement Seat of Christ. For a thorough series on this topic go to Biblical Doctrine of Rewards.

  • Getting the Big Picture of the Four Gospels

    The Earthly Life and Ministry of Jesus.

  • God’s Offer of Rest

    The book of Hebrews speaks of a rest that Israel failed to enter into because of their disobedience. He then warns the believers of his day of failing to enter into this rest.  Dr. Benware clears up some misconceptions of what this rest is as well as the use of the word “salvation” in the……

  • Jesus and His Churches

    Do the 7 churches in the book of Revelation represent 7 church ages or any church today? Who are the angels of these churches? Who are the overcomers? Dr. Benware answers these questions in this summary of the 7 churches in Revelation 2-3. Christ commends the church of Thyatira for their faithful love, service, and……

  • Jesus Christ: His Person, Purpose and Promotion

    Based on Philippians 2:5-11 Dr. Paul Benware explores the humility of Christ by first examining who Jesus is and then what He gave up when He took on flesh, dwelt among us and then paid for our sins on the cross.

  • Oh, the Trouble that We Face

    Based on Romans chapter 1, Dr. Paul Benware details the warning signs of a culture that has walked away from God. The subsequent message mentioned in this video is Our Response to Trouble in Our World

  • Our Response to Trouble in Our World

    There are significant parallels between what the church was dealing with in the first century and what it is dealing with now in the 21st century. Peter lived in such times and first reminds them of what they have in Christ and in light of that instructs them and us how to live in 1……

  • Responding to Revelation

    God’s revelation demands a response. God has revealed man’s sin nature and need and the solution He has made available in Jesus Christ. Romans 1 describes three phases of moral decline that an individual or nation who reject God’s revelation will go through. How are we, who have responded positively to God’s revelation by placing……

  • So What’s in it for Me?

    Peter asked this question of Jesus and He addressed both the question and the subtle attitude behind it. Dr. Benware explains Jesus’ answer and the message behind the parable of the hired laborers in Matthew 19:27-20:16.

  • The Basics of Prayer According to Jesus

    In Luke 11:1-13 the disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray. Jesus responds by giving them six elements for effective prayer followed by an example which teaches the need for persistence in prayer. God is generous in answering our prayers when they are patterned after these 6 elements.

  • The Bible Saves My Soul — or Does It?

    Most everyone wants to have a life that is meaningful and satisfying (“blessed”). Achieving a life like this is not automatic nor without challenges; as trials and temptations come into each life, raising barriers to being “blessed”. James 1:19-27 gives divine guidance into how this kind of life can be a reality. The follow-on message……

  • The Coming Child and the Kingdom of Light

    In this first message Dr. Benware covers two powerful passages concerning the virgin birth of Christ. The passage in Isaiah 9 deals with the birth of the Child and Isaiah 7 covers the virgin birth of the Child. In this second message, The Coming of Christ, Dr. Benware reminds us again what Christmas is all……

  • The Day that Changed the Earthly Ministry of Jesus

    Matthew 12 marked a turning point in the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. It was at this point that Jesus no longer offered the Messianic kingdom to the Jews and turned His focus to the disciples. He also changed His teaching method to one of using parables.

  • The Great Self Revelation of Jesus

    Jesus Reveals Jesus. John 5:1-40

  • The Rich, the Judge, the Sick and the Sinner

    The text for this message is James 5:1-20.

  • The Tongue: Powerful, Revealing, and Uncontrollable

    The text for this message is James 3:1-18.

  • Understanding Hebrews

    Some suggested guidelines for understanding the book of Hebrews.

  • When Faith Doesn’t Save

    It was recently said by a Roman Catholic theologian that James 2:14-26 alone proves that the Reformers idea that salvation by faith alone in Christ alone was a terrible error. Roman Catholicism teaches that it is faith accompanied by works that brings salvation, and James seems to show this to be so. This really is……