Keeping an Eye on Europe

In biblical prophecy, Europe plays an important role in end time events. It is the area where much of the old Roman Empire existed. And today it is one strategic place where the political pot of globalism/nationalism is boiling.

The Biblical Setting.

The prophet Daniel revealed that after the Antichrist (Daniel refers to him as the “little horn”) is identified by his covenant agreement with Israel (Dan. 9:27), he begins his quest for domination by defeating 3 nations of Europe (Dan. 7:24). After this “depriving of sovereignty” of these 3 nations, apparently 7 other European nations simply acquiesce to his great power with the result that a 10 nation union is formed, with the Antichrist coming from an 11th nation. The setting geographically for the defeating of the 3 nations is where the old Roman Empire existed which is fundamentally the region of Europe. This is seen in Daniel’s vision in chapter 7 where the “little horn” and all the other horns (nations/kings) emerge out of the fourth empire, which is Rome.

The Antichrist’s nation is clearly quite powerful because the covenant agreement with Israel is put together while the Antichrist is over just his own nation. When it comes to the initial stages of the Antichrist’s wars, the Bible does not reveal the specific reason why the Antichrist goes to war and defeats these 3 nations; whether it is over economic issues or nationalistic matters or military conflicts. But whatever are the causes, when the proverbial dust settles, there is a union of 11 nations that are united primarily, or exclusively, in the area of Europe.

The scriptural picture of the Antichrist is clearly that he is a man of war; one that cannot be defeated (note Dan. 11:36-37, 42-44; Rev. 13:4-7). Eventually, he will become the sovereign of the planet and will rule the entire world for a period of 42 months (Rev. 13:5). This will remain until he is brought to his end by the returning King Jesus (Rev. 19:19-21). But it all begins in Europe. And this should be one reason for periodically taking a look at what is happening there.

It should be observed in Daniel’s vision (7:1-28) that when the Antichrist (“little horn”) begins his conquest it will be by defeating 3 nations, and then apparently pressuring 7 others to join him. This suggests that when Antichrist wars against the 3 nations that they are independent nations each with its own king (or ruler of some kind). Theoretically, the 10 could be in a union together before this conquering begins, but the text does not seem to point in that direction. 

The Situation in Europe Today.

As the world enters the new year of 2019, Europe is in turmoil as the forces of nationalism are striking back against the forces of globalism. Nationalists want to retain the uniqueness of their nations with their own cultures, borders and known way of life. They are seeing their way of life disintegrate as globalist policies of open borders and socialistic agendas are put in place. In his own unique way, President Donald Trump rejected globalism. He said, “A globalist is a person that wants the globe to do well, frankly not caring about our country so much. And you know what? We can’t have that.”  The ordinary man on the street in many western countries, and numerous other countries as well, has a similar perspective and is beginning to resist the intelligentsia who advocate the idea that the narrow national interests of nations must be set aside in favor of trans-national institutions and laws. The globalist has a very simplistic view of the world, and lives with the delusion that a one world government will unite everyone and solve the basic problems confronting the people of the world. But it does seem that at this moment, globalism (which has been the agenda of the intelligentsia since the end of the Soviet Union) is retreating some while nationalism is growing. But the battle between the two is intense.

Britain is in a full blown crisis as it is facing a kind of political meltdown over Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit). The leaders are at odds with one another and there is great fear among the people of that nation about what is going to happen to them. And there does not appear to be any solution on the horizon. The French president, globalist Emmanuel Marcon has an active hatred for nationalism and those who support it (like Donald Trump). Marcon thinks that nationalism means you don’t care about others, and so arrogantly and “righteously” pushes his globalist agenda. But the average French citizen is not at all happy about the policies and philosophy of Macron as is indicated by rioting in the streets of Paris and many other cities. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel is getting increasing push-back over her open borders policy which is what globalists subscribe to (as in our own border debate). There is turmoil in the nations of Europe.

The Future of it All.

The matter of exiting the European Union is a red-hot issue in several European countries and it remains to be seen how things develop in the immediate future. There are likely a number of twists and turns yet ahead. It may be that nationalism gains back some lost ground.  It can be said, however, that eventually there will be a European Union which will be under the direct control of the malevolent end time figure commonly called the Antichrist. Globalism will win out. Daniel and Revelation are very clear about this. However, the victory of globalism will be very short-lived. If we acknowledge the scriptural length of the tribulation as 7 years, with a special focus on the last half of the time, which is said to be 42 months or 1260 days, then we can see how very brief will be globalism’s success.

Dividing the human race into nations was God’s plan, globalism was not. The Tower of Babel revealed early on that globalism only breeds evil and degeneracy among men. And in the end, the same reality will be the experience of mankind as the end times unfold. Nations were God’s idea, and even in the kingdom of Jesus Messiah (the millennial kingdom), there will be nations (note, for example Zech. 14:16-19). And once that 1,000 year period is over and the eternal kingdom on the new earth is entered into, there will be kings and nations (see Rev. 21:24-26).

Down through human history, men have dreamed of becoming the ruler of the world, but without success.  The day of that dream being fulfilled is coming as the Antichrist will be the first true globalist. In the meantime, preparations are underway for that to take place. Fortunately, the Scriptures are crystal clear on the ultimate end of things.