Israel Trip


Dear Friends,

ISRAEL.  For those who love the Word of God it stirs up gratitude as we think about the amazing salvation that has come through Jesus, the “seed of Abraham,” it stirs thoughts of biblical history as we recall the lives of Abraham, David, the prophets and Jesus and His men, and it stirs a spirit of anticipation as we read biblical prophecy of such events as the return of the King of Kings to the Mount of Olives. WHAT A PRIVILEGE IT IS TO VISIT THAT LAND! This is not just a vacation or a study trip but an experience of a lifetime where the Bible changes from being in “black and white” to “living color.” It is that unique place where history and prophecy come together.

I invite you to join me, my wife Anne, along with Scott and Holly Austin of the Jackson Hole Bible College to go to the land of the Bible. This time in Israel will provide an opportunity for growth in understanding of the scriptures, as well as increasing our desire to live for  the Lord Jesus Christ. I anticipate having some wonderful times of Bible study and fellowship with all those who come along. Our last six trips (in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016) were rich experiences (Some pictures of the 2016 trip can be viewed here on this website). My first trip to Israel in 1971 benefitted me in so many ways and I have no doubts that you will find it very beneficial as well.  Each and every time I go, it is a wonderful experience.  And now, it seems like I am “coming home” when we land in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Trips, of course, cost money, but the experience is priceless. If this trip is like the others I have been a part of, we will return from Israel with memories that will last a lifetime and friendships in Christ that will be very special. The tour has been carefully put together to make it an enriching, safe, and pleasant experience. Those handling the many details know what they are doing and I can confidently assure you that attention to detail will make the tour as pleasant as it can be.

In the Savior who came and is coming again,
Dr. Paul Benware

For more information and registration, click HERE to navigate to Morning Star Tours – Israel 2018 Trip website.