Illegal Immigrants (DACA Included)

The politicians assure us that they are deeply interested in the fate of illegal immigrants (including DACA).  Color me cynical, but it doesn’t seem that many of these politicians are really concerned about them. Their inner concern seems to be on how this matter is going to affect getting re-elected and staying in power. It is fascinating to observe that there are politicians who today hold views that are exactly opposite of what they championed just a few short years ago. Granted, this is a complex issue, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out as politicians in Washington DC and elsewhere try to sort it all out.

God gave some interesting directions to the nation of Israel on the matter of foreigners that would come into that nation.  Perhaps there are some ideas and guidelines that we can learn from Israel’s law code (e.g. Lev. 20; Deut. 10; 15; 21).  Several truths are discovered in looking at these operating principles given to Israel.  First, compassion is always a good thing. Very short term help for itinerate foreigners was to be given (e.g. food for dinner). The point was that Israelites were once aliens in Egypt, and they were to remember what that was like.  Second, there was a time element involved. Time was needed, as it would take time for a foreigner to adjust and learn about life in Israel. Third, there was difference between genuinely needy Israelites and aliens. Israelites were to be taken care of, but that did not apply to aliens. Israel was not responsible for wandering Moabites, Edomites, etc.  There were many differences between Israelites and the foreigner amongst them (eg the rules for debts and interest charged was very different). Just because a foreigner was in the land area of Israel did not give them the rights of an Israelite.  Fourth, any foreigner identifying with Israel had to obey the laws of Israel.  If they didn’t, then they would be punished (sometimes by death) and/or removed from the nation. Fifth, it appears that applying the principles was done on a case by case basis. Maybe some of the guidelines found in Israel’s law code might provide some help in sorting out this complex issue.

Perhaps some version of the following might be of value.

  • No government handouts for non-citizens apart from very short-term aid of an emergency nature.
  • Time. A two year probation (just to give a number) would be imposed during which time any criminal behavior would result in punishment and deportation after punishment was concluded.
  • Time is also needed for foreigners to comprehend the way we live life and do business in America.  Some come from countries where our American standards (many of which come from Israel’s law code) simply are not understood. Their view of family (maybe having multiple wives or women being second class), theft (by which they might have, in the past, provided for their extended family), cleanliness (e.g. public defecation) and a work ethic (which may not exist).
  • During the two year probationary period the individual must be gainfully employed and paying income taxes.
  • Whatever requirements for those going on the legal immigrant route, would also be required of these.
  • During the two year probationary period, these would not be eligible for government handouts.
  • After the two year probationary period, the individual could apply for immediate citizenship (assuming there was nothing by which they would be disqualified).

There was clearly wisdom in the way this matter of aliens was legislated in the Law Code of Israel and maybe some truths could be transferred.