Globalism Is On Its Way

The Bible is crystal clear that mankind’s rebellious rule on this earth will come to a thunderous conclusion when that satanically empowered man rules the world at the end of time. The Antichrist, as he is commonly referred to, gets his power, his amazing abilities, and his unprecedented ruling authority from Satan, the “god of this world” (Rev. 13:2; 1 John 5:19). For a fairly short period of 3½ years he will ruthlessly dominate all of mankind. Globalism will then arrive and it will be ugly and evil. 

Many today are naively working to bring their utopian globalism into existence. They believe that a world government which has eliminated democracies and free market economies is the solution to the ills of the planet. And the “elites” of mankind, in their great wisdom, will solve mankind’s problems. To do this, nations need to be diminished and the traditional family neutralized. We will take a brief look at their efforts after we review what the Bible says about the Antichrist (“the beast”; “the man of sin”; “the lawless one”; “the little horn”; “the king who will do as he pleases”). He is the final, great globalist, and one who does rule all the nations of the world.

The Biblical Antichrist 

This coming Antichrist has, according to the Bible, four distinct phases to his career. First, he will start his career as the ruler of a western nation.  Daniel 7 makes the point that his kingdom (nation) arises out of the old Roman empire. He will be ruling (as president, king or prime minister) at the time of the Rapture. However, he will not at that time be identified as the Antichrist. He will rule a western nation (one coming out of the old Roman empire). Since Satan does not know when the end times are coming (note Jesus’ statement in Matthew 24:36), we can conclude that Satan has a man, at this very moment, ready to step into the role of antichrist. The second phase of his career begins when he signs a treaty with the nation of Israel (Dan. 9:27). By covenantal agreement, he will be a support and protector of Israel. It is the signing of this treaty that identifies this one as the Antichrist.  Daniel (in 7:24; 11:40-45) reveals that Antichrist is a man of war and he will begin by defeating militarily three kings (kingdoms), with seven others simply submitting to him (Rev. 17:11-12). He is a man of war and with Satan’s help overpowers these 10 nations from the area we call Europe (again coming out of the old Roman Empire). All of this takes place during the first half of the Tribulation period. This will be bloody period as at least 2 billion people will die (25% of the world’s population). Then at the mid-point of the 7-year Tribulation period, several great events take place, such as Satan being cast out heaven and confined to the earth. It is at this mid-point that Antichrist is killed (assassinated) and then supernaturally returns to life (Rev. 13:3, 12, 14). He dies physically and then will return to life. But this is not seen as a “resurrection” (as he does not appear to have received a resurrection body). This shocking and powerful event catapults Antichrist into the third phase of his rule; that of being the ruler of the whole world (Rev. 13:5-7). This phase will last for 42 months (3½ years comprising the second half of the Tribulation). He will be worshipped as he functions as the absolute, ruthless dictator of the world. This is when Jesus warned Israelites to flee from the land; and this is when God’s people will be slaughtered by this evil man. This will be his time of world domination. Globalism arrives. The fourth and final phase of the Antichrist’s career begins when King Jesus comes at His Second Coming and totally defeats him and casts him into the Lake of Fire (Rev. 19:19-20; 20:10). It is the final phase of his career because Antichrist will never, ever leave that place. Today, many in the world are actively preparing to bring in a one-world government. They see themselves as unusually wise, however they are terribly ignorant of the end result of globalism.

The Present, Aggressive Push Towards Global Rule

  1. Those InvolvedSome 55 years ago, the Club of Rome (World Economic Forum) was formed. It meets annually to devise and implement ways to eliminate democracies and sovereign governments. They view themselves as the “elites” of the earth, who because they are the world’s most powerful financially, politically and socially, are best equipped to solve the world’s problems. At their annual meeting last month in Davos, Switzerland, American John Kerry uttered these humble words: “It’s pretty extraordinary, that we, a select group of human beings…are able to sit in a room and come together and actually talk about saving the planet.” These “elites” are convinced that they only can save the rest of mankind from their problems. These folks certainly do not appear to be lacking in arrogance. 
  2. The Motives.  Global governance was and is what motivates the Club of Rome. They would do this by solving the world’s problems (real or imaginary) and neutralizing democracies, like the United States. A global government is the goal.           

David Rockefeller in his “Memoirs” stated: “…some even believe that my family and I are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure; one world if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty and am proud of it.” 

They apparently really believe that globalism is the answer and they are the only ones who are capable of implementing it. Of course, they do not acknowledge that governments are God’s idea and that the traditional family is essential to healthy governments. And they appear quite ignorant of what their beloved global government will look like in the hands of the Antichrist.

  1. The Method.  In order to accomplish their global goal, they concluded that they needed to find a common enemy against which they could get independent nations to unite. This enemy did not need to be real. They tried several. But in their book, “The Next Global Revolution” they declared: “in searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea of pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.”  And, they could have included, pandemics in their list. They say that the gross negligence of mankind caused these things, and therefore, mankind must step in to aggressively save the planet. And since the independent nations of the earth cannot seem to do it, it is left to the “elites” to do it. Everyone reading this article can see many of these matters being played out in our own government, and in governments all over the world.

World Economic Forum (Club of Rome) and the Antichrist.  At this point, we need to be careful. We cannot say that the Antichrist will be a card-carrying member of the World Economic Forum. However, Antichrist will be one of the “elites”, since he will lead a powerful nation (one that can defend Israel). It is highly probable that their efforts for the past 50 years will provide the framework for what the Bible reveals about globalism and Antichrist. Mankind clearly has traveled a long way on the path to globalism over these past 50 years. Consider when Covid-19 arrived and the whole world was locked down. Consider the present irresponsible massive borrowing and spending in order to deal with such things as climate change; an activity known to weaken a nation. Consider the attack on the traditional family by the gay-lesbian-transgender community. On close inspection the fingerprints of the World Economic Forum are seen.

  1. Satan’s Involvement. The Bible reveals that behind these ideas which challenge God’s standards are demonic beings. The “god of this world,” Satan (1 John 5:19) is active in his own world. His hatred for God’s laws and people are ever present. The “elites” may not see Satan, but he is there. Their successes are really his successes. Satan’s passionate desire has been to be like God (Isa. 14:13-14), and to be worshipped. The closest he comes is the second half of the Tribulation, where in the global empire, Satan and Antichrist are worshipped by all the world (Rev. 13:4-8).
  2. God’s Involvement.  God has determined all the end time events, down to the smallest detail. Everything He has declared will come to pass, and that includes man’s last final rebellion, the global government of the Antichrist. Even that evil empire will cause God to be glorified, as millions will reject that man and his evil and will turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and a guaranteed entrance into His glorious kingdom. That kingdom will last for 1,000 years which stands in stark contrast to the measly 42 months of Antichrist’s reign. 
  3. Our Involvement. The Church will be raptured out of this world before Antichrist is revealed. However, as we live at this moment in time, not knowing exactly when these end time events will unfold, we must be involved. We know that the globalists will have their 15 minutes of fame and will appear to win. This is God’s plan and we cannot, of course, stop it from happening. But this must not deter us from: (1) making disciples for the Lord Jesus; (2) still advocating for God’s standards and principles to be in our culture; (3) be sharing our “blessed hope” (Titus 2:13) with a culture that is becoming increasingly characterized by hopelessness; (4) within the church be insisting that the Bible be proclaimed clearly as God’s inerrant, authoritative Word without compromise; (5) be disciplining ourselves towards greater holiness in our lives; (6) be doing good deeds so that our heavenly Father is glorified (Matt. 5:16). A lot to do and perhaps not much time to do it.

Even so, come Lord Jesus

(NOTE: Some information was taken from Dick Morris’ online January 14, 2023 article “How Globalism is Conquering the Globe”, and from the Patriot Post of January 18, 2023 in an article, “Destination Davos”, written by Douglas Andrews)