What in the World is God Going to Do?

Bible prophecy was not given to satisfy our curiosity. It was given so that we would be motivated to live our lives in anticipation of Christ’s coming. Dr. Benware presents brief overview of what lies ahead for the Church (the bride of Christ) and briefly what lies ahead for the nation of Israel.

The King vs. the Earth’s Kings

God has already established His Son as king and He will reign on the inhabited earth after all the earth’s kings have been destroyed. Based on Psalm 2.

The View from the Mount of Olives

What is God’s primary purpose for the 7-year tribulation period? This message by Dr. Benware provides an overview of the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24 and 25. Understanding Jesus’ Prophetic Sermon Jesus’ Prophetic Discourse

The Coming Kingdom of Jesus Messiah

Heaven and the future kingdom of God are not the same thing. The believer’s eternal home is not heaven but rather in a kingdom on earth which was God’s original design before man sinned. What will this kingdom look like?

Understanding the Book of Revelation

Understanding the book of Revelation is not something reserved just for the “professionals.” It is a book any believer can understand if these 5 basic principles are applied in interpreting its meaning.

Present Response to Future Events

What purpose does the study of prophecy serve in the day to day life of the believer today? What should be the believer’s response in knowing future events. Based on 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11.

Are We There Yet?

How close are we to the end times? Ezekiel 34-39 reveals that the nation of Israel is the one clear indicator which enables us to see where we are in the end times.