Jesus Christ: His Person, Purpose and Promotion

Based on Philippians 2:5-11 Dr. Paul Benware explores the humility of Christ by first examining who Jesus is and then what He gave up when He took on flesh, dwelt among us and then paid for our sins on the cross.

Categorized as NT Messages

Oh, the Trouble that We Face

Based on Romans chapter 1, Dr. Paul Benware details the warning signs of a culture that has walked away from God. The subsequent message mentioned in this video is Our Response to Trouble in Our World

So What’s in it for Me?

Peter asked this question of Jesus and He addressed both the question and the subtle attitude behind it. Dr. Benware explains Jesus’ answer and the message behind the parable of the hired laborers in Matthew 19:27-20:16.

Responding to Revelation

God’s revelation demands a response. God has revealed man’s sin nature and need and the solution He has made available in Jesus Christ. Romans 1 describes three phases of moral decline that an individual or nation who reject God’s revelation will go through. How are we, who have responded positively to God’s revelation by placing…