Achieving Salvation and Perfection

In this life God desires for us to be “perfect” and He desires to give us “salvation” in the next. But these biblical words are very often not fully understood with the result that believers miss out on some rich biblical truths that impact their approach to the Christian life.

Being Tempted: Jesus and Me

We are tempted multiple times every day. But what exactly is “temptation” and why is it so closely connected with trials. Jesus’ temptations and the Apostle Paul’s teaching on temptation give believers wonderful help in navigating through these daily experiences.

When Faith Doesn’t Save

It was recently said by a Roman Catholic theologian that James 2:14-26 alone proves that the Reformers idea that salvation by faith alone in Christ alone was a terrible error. Roman Catholicism teaches that it is faith accompanied by works that brings salvation, and James seems to show this to be so. This really is…

The Bible Saves My Soul — or Does It?

Most everyone wants to have a life that is meaningful and satisfying (“blessed”). Achieving a life like this is not automatic nor without challenges; as trials and temptations come into each life, raising barriers to being “blessed”. James 1:19-27 gives divine guidance into how this kind of life can be a reality. The follow-on message…