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Book Reviews

The Believer’s Payday

“It is difficult to understand why a topic as potent as an appointment at Christ’s Judgment Seat is given so little treatment by preachers or publishers. Dr. Benware has seized the opportunity in this volume to enlighten and challenge Christians with their eternal moment of truth with Judge Jesus Christ.”

– Dr. W. Sherrill Babb, Chancelor of Philadelphia Biblical University

“The Believer’s Payday” is a book that every Christian should read. It provides a detailed but very practical look at the subject of future reward that is available to all of us. Dr. Benware provides a wonderful study of this important truth which is at the heart of the Christian worldview which is a “two-world view.” I have recommended that everyone in our church read it and I highly recommend it to everyone.”

– Steve Engram, Senior Pastor, Desert Springs Community Church, Goodyear, AZ

Understanding End Times Prophecy

“This book is a remarkably readable, clear, concise, and yet comprehensive discussion of future events. It is the best volume of its kind on the subject…whether for individual study, group discussion, or as a course text.”

– Dr. Thomas Cragoe, Professor, Bible Baptist College and Seminary.

“Conflict, contradictions, and confusion: All words that describe current perspectives on end-times prophecy. Thankfully, Dr. Paul Benware has provided a map to guide us out of interpretive chaos and into a sound understanding of what the Bible has to say about the future. Balanced, fair, and easy to understand, Dr. Benware has produced the single best test on eschatology.”

– Dr. Michael Rydelnik, Professor, Moody Bible Institute. Author of “Understanding the Arab-Israeli Conflict”

Daniel’s Prophecy of Things to Come

“The Old Testament book of Daniel is crucial for anyone desiring to understand God’s revelation about the future. Dr. Benware provides a straightforward exegesis of Daniel. Without being preoccupied with critical issues, as is common in our day, Dr. Benware tastefully deals with such issues, but his focus is upon what the biblical test says, not what the critics conjuecture. Many of the interpretative conclusions are summarized with helpful graphics and charts throughout the book.”

– Dr. Thomas Ice, Associate Professor of Theology at Liberty University and Executive Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center

“Dr. Paul Benware has done an outstanding service in writing this commentary for those who love the subject of the return of the Lord. The volume brings the student of the Word of God up to speed on reviewing what has always been clear about the book, but too, in bring to light important new thoughts that help us undertand developments that are moving us toward the final days of world history.”

– Dr. Mal Couch, General Editor, Scofield Ministries