New Book Release

Understanding the Book of Revelation is now available in the bookstore. The Book of Revelation is designed to be understood, so says the Apostle John. He began Revelation by declaring that it is an “unveiling” (not a concealing) of Jesus Christ. God gave us this book to be understood. As the world seemingly heads towards……

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Reviewing AC and FP

There seems to be an elevating of interest in things prophetic these days. It is likely that the concerns about what 2022 may bring has been a major factor in this growing interest. One of the subjects within the prophetic arena that generates interest is the man we commonly refer to as the Antichrist (AC). ……

Me, You and 2022

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday and the crushing pace of Christmas behind us, the annual question now arises. As the calendar arrives at the start of a new year, that question believers ask is: “will this be the year that Jesus will return?” Now, since even the angels of heaven apparently are unable……

What in the World is God Going to Do?

Bible prophecy was not given to satisfy our curiosity. It was given so that we would be motivated to live our lives in anticipation of Christ’s coming. Dr. Benware presents brief overview of what lies ahead for the Church (the bride of Christ) and briefly what lies ahead for the nation of Israel.

Dealing with Our Personal Guilt

Believers are sometimes paralyzed by sins from the past that have already been confessed before God and forgiven. What should be our response when troubled by past sins? Dr. Paul Benware provides answers from the scriptures that address the issue of guilt.