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  • Commonly Asked Questions from the Book of Revelation

    The Book of Revelation is a book that generates myriads of questions from those who delve into its’ pages. In this article we are attempting to answer some of those questions which regularly arise. It has been my very real privilege and challenge to teach a course in Daniel and Revelation in the college classroom… Continue reading Commonly Asked Questions from the Book of Revelation

  • Destiny of Infants at Death

    QUESTION: “What happens to infants when they die?  Do they go to heaven or is it uncertain as to what happens to them?” ANSWER: What happens when an infant dies is far from being simply an academic matter, but it is as intensely personal as anything could be.  To answer this specific question properly, it… Continue reading Destiny of Infants at Death

  • Divorce and Remarriage

    QUESTION: “Is it ever acceptable for a believer in Jesus Christ to divorce and remarry?  If God “hates” divorce, will He hate me if I am divorced?” ANSWER: When God created marriage, He did so to enrich the lives of men and women. Marriage was to bring blessing, joy and fulfillment to the two people.… Continue reading Divorce and Remarriage

  • Does the Bible Teach the Eternal Sonship of Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity?

    There are several questions that are part of this lead question. Was Jesus always the Son of God?  Doesn’t “sonship” imply inferiority to God the Father? Was there a point in time, such as Jesus’ baptism or His resurrection, when He became or was designated the Son of God? Doesn’t being a “son” imply that… Continue reading Does the Bible Teach the Eternal Sonship of Christ, the Second Person of the Trinity?

  • Eternal Security

    QUESTION: Is it possible for me, as a Christian, to lose my salvation? Am I eternally secure or might my sins remove eternal life from me? ANSWER: The possibility of losing one’s salvation has haunted many a follower of Christ.  Many live in fear of not making it to heaven because they committed some terrible… Continue reading Eternal Security

  • Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Spiritual Gifts

    #1 – “Can I lose a spiritual gift (such as by my sinning) once I have received it at the time of my salvation?” There is simply no evidence that a spiritual gift is ever taken from a believer. It was a “grace gift”, and unless God takes His gifts back, then we will always… Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Spiritual Gifts

  • Gift of Tongues

    QUESTION: “Is the gift of tongues for the church today or was it just for the first century?  Should I seek to speak in tongues? And does it indicate anything about my relationship with Jesus Christ?” ANSWER: In answering these important questions about the gift of tongues, two matters must be clearly dealt with.  First,… Continue reading Gift of Tongues

  • God in the OT and NT

    QUESTION: “Why is it that God in the Old Testament seems much harsher and judgmental than does Jesus in the New Testament?  There appears to be more love and grace coming from God in the New Testament; why is that?” ANSWER: The thought that God is different in the OT as compared with the NT… Continue reading God in the OT and NT

  • Jesus and Parables

    QUESTION: Didn’t Jesus use parables to make His teachings clearer?  If so, why does He then say (Mark 4:12) that parables were used so that people would hear but not understand? ANSWER: At first this seems really contradictory.  But to answer this question, there are four facts that need to be talked about.  First, what is a “parable”?  The word “parable” carries… Continue reading Jesus and Parables

  • Noah’s Flood

    QUESTION: Was the flood of Noah’s day a local flood or was it worldwide? ANSWER: Genesis 6-9 records the days of Noah and the flood that came upon the world at that time.  Besides Genesis, there are other verses in the Bible which make reference to this significant event.  Throughout the cultures of this world,… Continue reading Noah’s Flood

  • Questions about People in the Bible

    ANTICHRIST—“Who is he? When does he appear and what will he do?” The term Antichrist only appears once in the New Testament (1 John 2:18) but has become the common title for the man who will appear in the days of the Tribulation; the 7 years which will end this age.  The term “anti”(Christ) conveys… Continue reading Questions about People in the Bible

  • Salvation

    QUESTION: How does a person get eternal life and the forgiveness of sins and avoid hell?  ANSWER: Of all questions we could ask, this is perhaps the most important one of all.  While this answer could take up hundreds of pages, there are certain basic points which we need to be aware of as we… Continue reading Salvation

  • Tithing and Giving

    QUESTION:  Is the “tithe” the standard for believers in the church today as far as their giving is concerned? ANSWER:  Money is an important and a sensitive issue and the Bible does have a great deal to say about it.  It does speak often about the use of money including the matter of giving.  So,… Continue reading Tithing and Giving

  • What are Spiritual Gifts

    QUESTION:  “What are ‘spiritual gifts’, what are they for and how do I get one?  Is having one something I should even be concerned about?” ANSWER: Yes, we should be concerned about the matter of spiritual gifts since they are seen as important in the Bible both to the church as well as to the… Continue reading What are Spiritual Gifts

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