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God Did Show Up for the Mid-Term Elections

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Welcome to PaulBenware.com

Dr. Paul Benware is a Bible Professor, Theologian, Preacher, Conference Speaker and Author who has a passion for teaching and training the Church of Jesus Christ.  As a conservative theologian he is committed to teaching the Scriptures as the fully inspired Word of God. He has a deep concern for the Church to learn, know and live the truths of Biblical Prophecy.

Dr. Benware has had the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the United States and to a number of foreign countries.  His ministry is not just through preaching, teaching and conference speaking, but also through his books, articles and journal publications.

Please take some time to look over this website and learn more about the ministry, message and writings of Dr. Paul Benware.

There are numerous articles and notes that are available at no cost.  Take a look, you might find some things that may prove helpful.

Watch the following brief interview to become familiar with Dr. Paul Benware’s educational background.

Special Items of Interest

Understanding the Book of Revelation
This new book release is available in the bookstore. Below is an introduction of the book.

Understanding the Old Testament
This study taught by Dr. Paul Benware consists of 13 professionally recorded videos created with the purpose of giving the student God’s word a better understanding of the 39 Old Testament books of the Bible. This study is available here.

What is the World is God Going To Do? – Prophecy from the Bible, not the Internet
This study is the latest of our SNS (Sunday Night Study) series taught by Dr. Paul Benware during January 2021. The 5 evening sessions are video recorded and available here.

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New Items

  • The Light of the World and Christmas Lights
    One can never have too many lights when decorating at Christmas time. This great principle has been a guiding reality around our home for years. We love the white lights, the LED lights, and the colored lights; ones that blink and ones that stay steady. They not only make for a compelling display that is… Continue reading The Light of the World and Christmas Lights
  • Class Notes/Workbooks Available
    Class Notes/Workbooks are now available for download for the following studies:
  • America Descending
    Most of us don’t need to be told that there is a rapid, ongoing spiritual and moral decline in the world we live in, which, of course, includes America. How did we get to where we are at? And what can we do? Listen to this new audio recording added to the series The Gathering Storm. This… Continue reading America Descending
  • New Videos in the Book of James
    The following video messages from the book of James has been added. The Tongue: Powerful, Revealing, and Uncontrollable from James 3:1-18 and The Rich, the Judge, the Sick and the Sinner from James 5:1-20.
  • God Did Show Up for the Mid-Term Elections
    Now that the mid-term elections are over, the good news is that we are now spared the endless, caustic campaign attack ads that assaulted our minds and hearts. What a relief that we can now return instead to seeing the pharmaceutical advertisements which warn us of possible massive organ failure if we choose to take… Continue reading God Did Show Up for the Mid-Term Elections